Con-Tech Concrete Flooring Ltd offers 360 degree concrete flooring solutions. We are full service customer-centric Concrete Flooring Contractors providing a variety of services to suit diverse project sizes, requirements, and budget across the industry.

Putting cutting edge technology and techniques to use, our trained workforce carries every project to completion without breaking budget or compromising on quality. Right from the preparation of concrete to its curing, setting up, laying, and finishing, we handle it all. Durability and high tolerance are assured.

We actively indulge in…

Preparing Concrete Slabs
The first step begins with the preparation of the site. Our engineers check the site for rigidity and good drainage – factors affecting the durability of concrete slabs. The lot line is measured so material wastage can be eliminated or minimised. The surface is levelled, a base built using timber, shuttering joiners, and steel fixers, and DPM formwork laid. A concrete sub-base is set up before the concrete slab can finally be reinforced in the project area and screeded.

Concrete Finishing
Once the slab is set up, the concrete is poured in measured volumes using a concrete pump or waggon. A poker vibrator is used to compact the concrete. This is then levelled to a laser level, using straight edges and sawing motions. However, there is more to concrete fabrication than just pouring and waiting for it to harden. Yes, we need a finishing. So, finally the concrete surface is given its finishing touch in one of the below mentioned ways:

Saw Cuts / Concrete Seal
At Con-Tech Concrete Flooring Ltd, we undertake various aspects of concrete cutting applying saw cuts. We take care to generate flawless joints at predetermined spa
cing, paying extra attention to prevent cracks and shrinkage. Depending on the admixture and the temperature at which it was used, we decide the timing of saw cuts to avoid damage to the concrete. Right after this operation, all joints are wet vacuumed, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected before sealing. Special joint sealants are used to prevent joint contamination and arris breakage, and promote easy expansion and contraction of the slab. Expect to receive expert advice throughout the tasks.